Lyrics to Midian
Midian Video:
I was born into the unknown
Don't know who I am
But they say I'm the chosen one

Not knowing how my people suffer
I hear their cry for deliverance
With each brick stone they build
I reach out, I'm the only one

My heart goes out for you
Bless you my brothers
May the holy light shine on you

I'll take your life
By sticks and stones I'll die
My hate will bring my end

Feel the power of a man possessed
Like a blood thirsted daemon
Won't let go

Only one will be victorious
The last man who's still standing
I shall prevail
No way!

What are you fighting for?

Rage and hatred will remain
In our soul!

A silent scream inside of me
What have I done
Blood stains on my hands
Contaminate my soul
Eliminate my goals
If I could find a solace
It would comfort me

Finding peace within my rage
Lost in my world
Will it crumble down on me?
Someone save me please!

(Slave masters:)
[Hebrew text]
('He killed the officer! He killed the officer! Catch him! Catch him!)

I see the burning eyes
Chasing me into the night
Follow me as I run away
No one to lead the way to paradise
let not such act to be in vain

The stars won't shine
Moon turned to black
Will I ever be able to go back?
The night is falling down on me
In my anguish I cried to the lord
And he answered by setting me free

And if the day will come
That I stand before you
I'll show my atonement
Ask for forgiveness
For I am a sinner
My spirit will ever be scarred
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