Lyrics to Middleground
Middleground Video:
I loved you long, I loved you hard
I loved you more than I thought I could
Then you went away

I loved you more with every breath
You only gave me second best
I loved you anyway

Why did you have to run so hard?
Why did you have to go so far?
I guess I knew you would

You always said that you would go
I thought that if I could just do you better
You would stay
You just walk away

You're only good at leaving
And I can only stay
There's nowhere to meet in the middle
If you keep on walking away

It's getting dark when I turn on the light
And everyone's smiling when they fight
It's not just you

It's harder and harder to ignore
We're always at some awful war
With someone somewhere

But how could something that feels this good
Bring so much pain in this world
As anyone anywhere

You don't have to be told to know
That what we're doing is absurd
We do it anyway
We do it anyway

You're only good at fighting
And I refuse to run
There's nowhere to meet in the middle
If you won't drop your gun

Well Justice may have once been blind
But now she can see, she just lost her mind
So we put her away

I know you're trying to even the score
But every time you just do worse
Than before

Your freedom is ripe but you pay the price
For plucking the fruit from the tree
Go as Eve

Or better yet, you could leave it there
Until it sails down through the air
To rot on the ground
Never to be found

Freedoms such an ugly thing
And we're faced with awful choices
But why is it always the worst of both worlds
When we combine our voices?
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