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Lyrics to Microviolence
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Could it be my cover blew away this morning
it was barely April it was getting warmer
here you gave me shelter from the microviolence
all the coming and going happening in silence

Do you feel like I do when it all surrounds you
highway beach and forest sun is shining for us
but I can't stay tomorrow I'm going away
for my impression to stay, tomorrow I'm going away

you can make yourself rare
you can raise your value
you can be a mystery
they don't get to know me

my life is leaning to the sound of war
I can feel no sorrow to be gone at all
half of me is made up mostly I'm a construct
city suburb forest cut a new path for us
smile at everything you see, that's my technique

put your wooden headphones on
effigies of warships, call me to your door
the form is perfect, but it isn't working
the form is perfect, but it isn't working
oh micro
bring back that body you brought
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