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Lyrics to Microphone Igniter
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Raptile microphone igniter Raptile bring ya skillz to da battle Raptile microphone igniter Raptile it´s time to raise da stakes again I put all my love in this mastermix Surroundin´ ya sounds then blastin´ kids announcin´ I´m the man who keeps y´all bouncin´ Speakin´ unspoken words movin´ mountains Without previous thoughts so freeform-sports be shootin´ Them crowds when I´m extemporizin´ word after word rhyme after rhyme Flows free like a bird rhythm and poetry combined One powerful unified force is breakin´ rules and laws I´m payin´ dues because respect is the main reason I mic-check for see ya light raps bore me U got some new shit Na it´s still da same old story Please call me whenever u got some significant rhymes But stop bitchin´ when I´m rippin´ styles from ya lips one more time (Stop bitchin´!) Looks like u ain´t ready for competition Ya PA is overloadin´ while bombin´ ya system ey yo listen! It´s not who u know and where u from It´s only ´bout where u at and what u did to get there son? Everytime I´m holdin´ mics People know I´m flowin´ nice cold as ice I´m blowin´ heights original like prototypes Shoot ya azz photolike at one on one solofights Liftin´ ya environment higher than dolomites My inspirin´ promostrikes be firin´ constantly Provin´ my skillz for real just to become that bomb MC Wit total breath control da freshest flows Bless ya soul plus let y´all know HipHop also means yes or no cause too many part-time lovers Chart wit rhymes from others tryin´ to gain fame in this rap-game It´s always da same u act like Mr. HipHop right? Ey ya shit´s not tight ya whole style´s monotone Plus u quick drop mics but now it´s 2thou´ We be showin´ u how Roger Rekless and Raptile boost just like JVC Boomsounds We make them true crews bounce Skill-factor timeless undastand I´m never makin´ music for da mindless!! Hook: Raptile microphone igniter Raptile bring ya skillz to da battle Raptile microphone igniter Raptile it´s time to raise da stakes again? I vocalize da dopest styles lacin´ tracks and hitz Cryptotech-beatprogrammin you know that´s that shit Duplex Contact triple Ts you gotta step to dis now Guess who´s next kickin´ raps so swift? ...Und jetzt komm ich ich versprech sicherlich bring ich Licht Innerlich klar und da ergibt so´n Sinngedicht von E. -. L. A. Mal kurz´n Dank an meine Ma´ Ohne sie würd ich jetzt nicht rocken Weder on-stage noch vor der Kamera Dann wär ich nicht geboren zum rappen auserkoren Schon als Baby hatte ich Headphonez und zwar die fetten auf den Ohren 26 Jahre später was geht da für´n Gezeder Is´ doch wurscht Mann oder Frau sind alle Rapmittäter Es gibt Females die sich MC nennen Können nicht männlich von feminin trennen Lernen den Unterschied wohl nie kennen Werden die Weiblichkeit so niederrennen Angefangen hat der Mann doch zeigt dass ´ne Frau es kann Und wenn´s keiner zeigen will dann lass mich lieber ran

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