Lyrics to Mickey
Who the fuck do you think you is?
Cheatin'-ass nigga woulda gave and give
Takin' two Ls straight, I could never see it
That's an LLC, but that's none of my biz
I said who the fuck are you? (Let me know)
I'm not finna sit right here and argue
You actin' like a whole mo-motherfuckin' Mario
Swear to God you ain't got all your marbles
This that don't call my motherfuckin' phone no more
You want that bitch? Then you can have that ho (Oh yeah)
Only time you seeing me now it's through a slideshow
Tried to ride for you, but man, you drive too slow (Skrrt)
So it's fuck you, I'ma just start off fresh
And I ain't even really the type of bitch to flex
But it's a exorcist when I walk past these niggas
'Causе all them niggas just turn around and break they nеcks
You picked the silent treatment, since your phone on silent
Shut the fuck up, man, just be quiet (Shhh)
Everything ain't about you, this ain't no island
All I hear is, "Aye-aye" like a fuckin' pirate
And that's why you can't get no respond to your text
Gender reveal, he just here for the sex
You can be a nigga whole twenty-six alphabets
And that nigga gon' still pick the ex
On my life when you fucked that bitch, I couldn't understand how a nigga so bold (How?)
When I done got your dick way harder than some motherfuckin' McDonald's fries when they cold
Heart so froze, I done put that ass in a L like a motherfucker touchin' they toes
Just for you to cheat with a force ass bitch who only wanna pic for relationship goals?
Ayy, pause, man, back it up
I packed your bags and they packed as fuck
If I ever see you while I'm out with my new nigga, I'ma grab his dick while he smack my butt
I moved on 'cause I'm too grown and I can't pick up, nigga, I'm so sorry
I got so many different niggas now, he saved my number under Lori Harvey, ayy

Many, many, many, many, many, many, many
How many niggas on my line? Got many
How many niggas I decline? That's many
How many commas in my account? Uh, many
How many commas I'ma use? Um, plenty
Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey
He sneakin' out the house like a mouse, call Disney
Two can play this game, motherfucka, I'm litty
When a nigga act Mickey, then you gotta have Minnie, uh

Please, stop likin' my pics
I know this lil' pussy you miss (Ah)
You left me for a new bitch then realized shawty shit smell like fish (The fuck?)
My upgrade lookin' delish, he eatin' this pussy, chef's kiss (Come on)
I'ma ride his dick like Ciara then pop a pussy, that's Sierra Mist, ayy
I ain't never trippin' on a weak-ass bum that say he with the guys, with the lies-ass nigga
And all these bitches on my page resembling white people Kool-Aid, like why so bitter?
These hoes hate hard but be fans (Huh?)
Worried I'ma take they mans (Huh?)
She logged in his page just to block me at nine but that nigga unblock me at ten
Bitch, think again (Bitch, think again, bitch, think again, bitch, think again)
(Bitch, think again, bitch, think again, bitch, think again, bitch, think again)

Many, many, many, many, many
Yeah, I got many, yeah, I got many
Bitch, I got many
Yeah, I got many (Yeah, I got many, yeah, I got many, yeah, I got many, yeah, I got many)
Yeah, I got many
I said, "Bitch, I got many"
Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey, Mickey
Niggas so Mickey
These niggas so Mickey
But, bitch, I'm feelin' picky