Lyrics to Michael
Michael Video:
I saw you the other day
it was your voice that gave you away
you were smiling with a tear in your eye
it was if you had learned to fly
so I wandered your direction
avoiding your detection
searching for words to say
as I remembered the day
they took you away

your blood stained the sky
on the 5th of July
you came to me
but that was the last time
the words you spoke to me
I still hear them in my sleep
I miss my brother
my father and mother
the loneliness stings
and I don't need these wings
I just want to sing

You were taken too soon
always think we've seen the end
then they take another friend
You were taken too soon
I wish that I could make amends
I'll never be the same again

He left behind a family
an empty bag of pills
memories to cherish
and a void that can't be filled
stripped of the progress he made
the man he became
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