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It was late one night up in Washingtgn heights i was on my own. And that wasn't too bright the stage was set and i came collecting. Pickin up a debt not worth mentioning. I used to love a girl from just this block. We used to rock to salsa and salsa to rock.
You know row shit goes. Time ticks and tocks If you asked me if i love her. I'd have to say lots Backto the story. I was out on the stoop with a man in a headlock. Gettin my loot. I thought i heard my name and i quickly turned around, my heart just froze and i couldn't make a sound in just one moment my whole vibe changed, it was the love of my life and she really looked the same and when i say the same i really mean better, and when i say better, I mean you'd never forget her
Mi corazon
When our met. I knew how much 'd hurt her i traded money for love and went even further I started drinkin' a lot and abusing myself she loved me but left me couldn't do nothing else.
Three years has passed I always think about her. Never loved nobody else. Probably never will.
I asked her about her life tried to turn the page. She laughed in my face said act your age. I said this ain't no rap I care about you. She said
she liked the lyrics but they wouldn't do She said she loves me but it kills her alright?
She found another man gonna become his wife. I said that's crazy you're foolin' yourself. He aint better than you she said turned around and left. Family never founded. She's just walkin' away I'll be here when you need me. My hearts that way...
Mi corazon
Usted es mi vida. Soy yo mi amor...
Mi corazon
Mi corazon

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