Metro (Jay) Lyrics



Lyrics to Metro (Jay)
I'm on the mutherfuckin metro
Ain't got the dough to spend it on my Homie
Obis petrol cuz this reefer that I pedal
Going straight to instrumentals
If the reefer ain't enough put that coco in the kettle
Call is ovaltean
I put the rock inside the pipe, I just made a fiend
Mixing dark with the light, like I had a dream
Cuz I'm so depressed I might just drink a pint of lean
All this dough I'm making I can't spend it on the finer things
Is what I think, fuck it
Gotta work, ain't got no time for playing
Grandma tell me go to Church - I barely got the time for prayin'
Momma say you never home, Daddy - he irrelevant
I ain't seen my Daddy since Bill Clinton was the president
Spending every dollar at the club door entrances
I don't even leave with no bitches when I'm exiting
Hopefully I leave with some digits from the networking
Fuck a manager, the last one quit via text message

HXLY TRiBE I rep that shit, we gon multiply better bet that shit Better bet that nigga with the bump by his lip
Boutta bump a nigga out of the way when he spit
Don't dare try to talk about my work ethic
Got a song that's a hit, Ima work that shit
See my name on the blogs when you search that shit
Cuz my rap is a gift, rap like a brown paper bag on a fifth
While yo hands on the tip cuz you in public, nigga
Rap like my hands on a gun pull the trigger
Bang bang bang
Bang bang bang bang bang
You better not say my name, you better think twice
Flow minus 4 degrees with the windshield breeze
I'll catch a nigga slipping on the ice, ight
I'm killing this game like I pulled out a Shotty and bussed at my genesis
My pen is a pistol equip with a pint of that piss that will piss on your penmanship
I pee on you niggas
Then pistol whip you with 2 pistols
Go figure
The kid with margielas
Dun turned to a killa
That's all for the love of J-DILLA
N figures to buy me a couple chinchillas

I ain't tryna word for no minimum wage
I ain't tryna trap till I'm trapped in a cage

I ain't tryna word for no minimum wage
I ain't tryna trap till I'm trapped in a cage
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