Metaphor Ya Baby Lyrics

pat mAcdonald

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Lyrics to Metaphor Ya Baby
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I'm a live stripped wire A rude imagination frayed by insulation You're a light in a sign And you shine like neon You're the key, the one I need To free my facination Turn the night into poison penlight And I'll write you down Metaphor ya baby I'm a Radio Flyer A doggie come a draggin, Got my tail a'waggin You're a flame and I'm a bong On a long lost weekend Running like a watercolor Drippin off the deep end Life's a drive on a lazy Sunday Through the locust rain Metaphor ya baby I'm a worn down tire Someone grab a wrench and Twist me some redemption You're a hand on a gun You're the one who paints those Fishbones on the parking lot So cars all fall in straight rows I wanna wrap you up in a big white blanket Wanna cloud your eyes Metaphor ya baby

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