Lyrics to Metamorphic Congenital Malformation
Metamorphic Congenital Malformation Video:
Scourging paths of the impermissible
Descending upon dwellings of those
Breeding affliction,
Impregnated with the seed of lechery
Incapacitating and absorbing
With the abducted
Lead through labirynthe passageways
To an enshrouded enclosure,
Strewn with the deformed bodies
Of those previously abducted
Placed under impirical scrutiny
Achieving fetal deformities through
Chemical experimentation
Embryogenic aberration,
Spawn born of infliction
Hideously deformed, liquified,
Drowning in fluids of colporrhagia
The hosts, Slaughtered upon genesis
Remnants of which, embedded in
The dilapidated surface
Breaches within the cold concrete
Drain the sopped heaps of
Dissevered raw meat
Stagnant pools of rancid
Excretion permeate the grounds.
Bisected malformations
Enshrined upon stakes
Steeped in corrosive vaginal discharge,
Mephitic afterbirth
Few survive to forbearingly
Gaze upon the teras
Unmitigated abdication
Bow to me
Bow to me for I've defiled your brood
Macerating spawn of the profane
Mutilate these entities.
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