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Coat Of Arms

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You're in for surprise, you're in for a shock
In london town streets when there's darkness and fog
I'm going down, all the way down
I'm on the highway to hell from here

Blessed by the night, holy and bright
Called by the toll of the bell
Oh Mr. Crowley did you talk to the dead
Sleep with the devil and then you must pay

Abandoned land come on in child take my hand
Hear a rising force
Watch the damned they're gonna break their chains
Through the night you can hear them

Twisting you mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me you can't see a thing
Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised
Blood on your face you big disgrace

A strand of silver hanging through the sky
Touching more than you can see
Appears like a wonder without any move
Gonna get close, closer to you
Songwriters: BRODEN, JOAKIM
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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