Metal Machine Lyrics


Primo Victoria

Lyrics to Metal Machine
Metal Machine Video:
I have a phobia
A fear of the dark
Afraid to shoot strangers
The animal talks

Guns scare me shitless
But love gun's my friend

The sentinel's coming
But is this the end

Riding on this crazy train
I'm going paranoid
Watch me lose my mind
And break the law

I'm a metal machine

It's close to midnight and
He's barking at the moon
The kings of metal ride the sky

I'm a metal machine

Is this st. anger
The ultimate sin
Or haveIreally
A black knight within

The gates of babylon
Are open and wide
Shout at the devil
There's nowhere to hide

Fighting for the world to keep
The wild child in it's cage
Broke my metal heart
Against the wall

can't touch my metal machine
Songwriters: BRODEN, JOAKIM
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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