Lyrics to Mesmerized
Mesmerized Video:
I look at you,
I only stare as if this is the last time.
Wanting your body,
To caress your soul,
Just one time before I die.
Then I try to speak,
But it's not possible,
Just one night, one night of staring,
No need for love,
Just that sight of your face.

So burn down the gates,
And look outside.
You could see me waiting,
Staring as I'm mesmerized.

And to my surprise,
I see the sparkling of your eyes.
As you turn your shoulder, I freeze,
Time stands still.
And unfrozen, I go back again,
To find out why your looking back.
Is it me,
Is this really what I see?
And then its over,
I thought you mesmerized over me, for a moment.

So you burned down the gates,
And looked outside.
You saw me waiting,
Staring as you mesmerized.
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