Lyrics to Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round Video:
Say I?m crazyCause I have to have youSay I?m dreamingCause I wanna see this throughSay there?s no meaning to lifeIf I?m not with youMy love, my only loveCause it?s youWho will always be my first loveIt?s youWho first showed me who I really wasIn youMy soul has found the one I?m searching forIt?s true, I adore youRefrain:Our love is like a merry go roundSometimes it?s upSometimes it?s downLike the sun and the rainEven good loves found the changeBoy you should knowCause the love we have we shouldn?t let goNow you can walk awayGo on without meOr you can try to stayAnd make this easyThough it?s hardIf you really wanna be aloneIt?s okay, okayRefrainIt?s clear to seeYour heart belongs to meI?ll always get byWith you in my lifeDon?t you ever leaveRefrain

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