Lyrics to Mere Mortal Men
Mere Mortal Men Video:
It's too late for a nightcap

Too soon to go home

I'm too wiped out to party

But I don't want to be alone

I'm too rough for romance

Too smooth to resist

I'm too wild for one woman

But I could sure use a kiss


I'll never dance until dawn

I'll never really feel at home

I'll never lay around stoned all summer long again

I finally understand

Where the pavement ends

And mere mortal men

I'm too poor to be a playboy

Too proud to be bought

Too slow to make trouble

And too fast to get caught

I'm too old to be a soldier

Too blissed out to fight

Too drunk to be driving

And too smart to try


If I could do it over

I'd own a souvenir stand

On some dust covered highway

On some boarded up strand

Where the ghost of a thrill ride

Looms, creaks, and commands

Lost armies of seagulls

On a kingdom of sand

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