Lyrics to Mercy
Mercy Video:
My hands are blood-stained
and my eyes are filled
with tears from a time when
my grace was spilled

I walk with my head down on my chest
there's something I just have got to confess
I sin like crazy I go insane
but Your grace pours over me like the rain
I know I'll never be all alone
'cause I can't even walk on my own
how can I speak if I can't speak truth
without You?

Have mercy on my soul
hold me tight and don't let go
have mercy 'cause I can't see
anyone in this world but me
have mercy 'cause I can't tell
that good is from God and sin is from hell
have mercy please God have mercy

I'm drowning in
this big pool of sorrow
I'm living today but I'm
planning for tomorrow

I choose to fight though I'll never win
I play with sin again and again
I cheat I steal I stab in the back
I'm just crying out 'cause it's You I lack
it feels like when I step forward
I get pushed back more and more
to get there I'll have to get on my knees so
oh God please

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