Mental Side Effects Lyrics

Kool Keith

Diesel Truckers

Lyrics to Mental Side Effects
Mental Side Effects Video:
(feat. Fat Hed)

Yeah, Kool Keith, with special guests
We comin through

[KK] My mental mental mental side effects
[FH] Without a flaw we give you more
[KK] My mental mental mental side effects
[FH] We come first, you drool with thirst
[KK] My mental mental mental side effects
[FH] You drool with thirst, who come first
[KK] My mental mental mental side effects
[FH] We give you more without a flaw

[Kool Keith]
My mental pressure for lesser lookin over the wall
Starin at the dresser it's open and dope and you hopin
up down and broken on crack tokin to smokin my songs
Battle the pain, contain and claim and train and aim
the same trade, upgrade relayed contacts metaphor
Complex, kind of sore
For sure, for tour, for many but more, my shirt velour
Explore top chicks, white chicks, black chicks
You move skip flip switch first it's grab your purses
Rehearse this, reimbursement, top lyrical president
Swap evidence, testaments in memory of, the man above
Style precise, ladies in love, relax in tub


[Fat Hed - One]
Me not care about devil thrills, we wield clever quills
Pop a wheelie spin out peelin rubber wheels
We on hidden planets, with a cosmic vision
While you at the crick in the woods eatin chicken
Spockavelli, you country like pumpkin toss
You with mics like hot wings with no dunkin sauce
Fakin moves, you bluffin eyebrow pluckin
Call me Tex-Mex shuckin diesel truckin
Y'all need money, y'all need inspiration
Got that milk breath with a hesitation
Oval Office, nature of the beast
Cold profits, reachin towards the East
We so effervescent, get yo' panties stretchin
Got your kid in the alley, teach him a lesson
He's confessin; we know what you after
I'm thinkin movin faster than puppet master


[Fat Hed - Two]
I'm pickin up money, rollin with homies
Leavin them lonely, only few, I'm stickin to Jakes, new cake shit
Sometimes they call me, wishin they knew me
Nuttin can move me, groovy, uhh
Sayin I'll call, political, radical
And at you all, I'm doin it
Tellin me, often-ly
Surprising me, they paying me
Coming to slang, tryin to hang
I'm sittin on thangs, that's real big
You don't know, you don't show no cash flow, the chicks know
Riffin and steppin no weapon and dead 'em
You send 'em I kill 'em you reckon
The money we make, the hookers we take
Your pockets we shake for cake, uhh
Homey I promise, Jakes ain't honest
Tarnished Jakes ain't modest duke


{*repeat in background: "Who's cooler than Kool?"*}

[Kool Keith]
Benjamin, Kenneth did a good job with the Germans behind you
In your mind you think you're incredible
But Benny, I wore the Black Elvis wig
Now you wear it
I took off the wig, you just puttin it on
I got bored and left L.A.
I'm very impressed Benjamin, you just movin into L.A.
Are you a star fool?
Or do you wanna put down that pride you hide, and do a track together?
You let me know Benjamin
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