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Lyrics to Memories... (Smiling Tears) (remix)
Memories... (Smiling Tears) (remix) Video:
(feat. Sphere of Influence, Sakura)

[Tasha:] Hell on earth, watching all lives pass by
Nothing but the truth, it hurts, you can't deny
[Sphere of Influence:] Hell on earth
No pausin' for love, with cats run up
It's all about flossin', we stuck
We out of luck
[Tasha:] What, what, what
[Sphere of Influence:] Check it out
[Tasha:] Lady T
[Sphere of Influence:] Sphere of Influence
[Tasha:] Just a state of mind

[Chorus 1: Sakura]
All the memories of hate
And the lies
Don't you know eventually we pay the price
All my hopes and the dreams will survie
Realize, we got to keep the faith alive

[Verse 1: Tasha]
How did we get here?
We're living in fear
How history repeats itself, can never steer clear
Cries for help, ringing my ear from the sheer terror of it all
I shed a tear, can't disappear, sometimes I wish the end was near
Back to reality, where
Life still exist, we're
Still on this earth, but we got shackles on the wrist
Must be the reason why you never start to even lend a hand
Too caught up in your ways for you to try to understand

[Sphere of Influence:]
I keep dwelling in the past, and it might be the last time
Running from the bullets that past without
I'm thinking
Who could be next
Am I the target
Sitting on my bed, all stressed
What's it all worth, giving off birth to hate
I contemplate
Joining the race
Where we face in the same shit
Different place
Gotta get along now, yeah, future's at stake

[Chorus 2: Sakura]
All the memories of hate
And the lies
Don't you know eventually we pay the price
All my hopes and dreams, they seem so far away
I'm a sing a song and pray for better days

[Verse 2: Sphere of Influence]
Do you believe
Or you the one to deceive
I'm just trying to find peace, while you held up and freeze
Coming through
Evidently, can you kill this disease
Yo, our lives on the line, yeah, you know what I mean
Human being
Created the gun
Aiding the funds for war
Assembling troops
Hiding the truth
We mourn
Never too late
To find ourself
Connecting over seas, it's on
Word is bond

So there you have it, my whole life with all this memories
I'm trying to figure out
How to set all of my pain free
Sometimes, I wish that I can turn the hands of time back
So I could
Rewrite the wrong and put my life back on the right track
Wake up to reality, trying to accept the way it is
They say that life's not what you take, it's your willingness to give
That's why I wrote this song in hopes to heal the pain within
Cause after that, I know that's when my life truly begins

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3: Tasha]
Imprinted in our minds, from the minute we were born, with
Misconceptions of life, that's how our lives get torn
I say we wake up from this dream and let the sunlight in
So we can help each other heal the pain within

[Sphere of Influence (Tasha in background):]
Understandin', demandin'
Thoughts are abandoned
Hand in
Hand and relate, then
Til the teardrops gone
Til my soul can live on
Til my soul can live on forever (This is what we need to vibe)

[Tasha harmonizing in background]
[Tasha:] Uh hun
Like this, uh
It's just a state of mind
[Sphere of Influence:] Uh huh
[Tasha:] Lady T
[Sphere of Influence:] Collaboration
[Tasha:] Like this
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