Lyrics to Memories
Memories Video:
It takes a long long time to find my piece,
I´ll never tear it apart to see what´s inside
It takes a long long time to see these
pictures of myself on the photo

I don´t feel safe,
when I´m holding my memories
only in my hands

so everyone can steal it

better keep my memories
firmly in my head
there is a safe

and I can deal it - into my heart

I´ve been long time free to disagree,
I see that this was not the right way
Cover me - then I´ll cover your
face from facing this world

It could hurt you

Keep up with me, I´ll hope that we
can realize our misbehavior
I´ll never go deep into this place
I will run so much as fast my feet can

run - maybe 1000 miles


i can not see other things
just that everyone I love is changing
don´t have lot of friends, just a few
we were a team, now we are little group

we are small number, but strong!
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