Melody Road (reprise) Lyrics

Neil Diamond

Melody Road

Lyrics to Melody Road (reprise)
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Melody road I'm on with you
All the way to the end
I know every song you lead me to
Is gonna be my friend
Melody road I play all night
Take my guitar and strum
Find me some words that feel just right
The music's gonna come from Melody Road

Melody from the heart,
Melody from the start,
Telling things will be okay
I think that I just might stay
On Melody Road

Melody Road, let's go a mile
I'll tie on my rambling shoes
Write me a song to make you smile
There's no need to sing the blues,
On Melody Road

Melodies that unfold,
Melodies made of gold,
Making up songs along the way
I'm thinking I just might stay
On Melody Road

Ringing out like a bell
Singing out I can tell
I'm not alone
Melody Road it's you and me
Floating out on a dream
I love every song that comes to me
'Cause I know it comes to be
On Melody Road, Melody Road
Melody road, Melody Road
Melody Road!
Songwriters: NEIL DIAMOND
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