Melody From the Birds Lyrics

M.H. & His Orchestra

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Lyrics to Melody From the Birds
Melody From the Birds Video:
My love, my love! I'll sing to you now-
before this love is no longer ours…
I'm old enough to now know "the ways":
that time allows love to stray.

I've watched you swimming for an hour,
arranged a bouquet of wild-flowers
but these lines I write, they're only words…
I stole this melody from the birds.

But, do believe my honesty:
I know your heart's a tender thing--
and I can be a tender man…
"What is it you need?"
That's what I am!

I've watched you drying in the heat,
counted every freckle upon your cheek-
but when I sing it's only words!
I stole this melody, from the birds.
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