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Lyrics to Meet Me On The Battlefield
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Saints arise. Asleep awake. The cause is come. The call is made.
We're building an army- an army for you. An army of voices armed to the tooth.
The word is out. The fire has spread. They know your name. They want your head.
So what shall we ask then in payment for blood? For each man taken we'll take ten of your sons!

Tonight we die.

We're not gonna die here, are we? I heard a hint of despair under your breath
I just want to go home to my family. We're all gonna die here, aren't we?

The angel nods. A charge is born. We've painted blood above our doors.
What is this resistance? We are the meek!
Here to inherit your kingdom... empower the weak!

Is it any comfort that I hold your hand as life lets go?
You're in good company. No one wants to die alone

And when all is said and done we'll thank our fathers for the war
And when the last shot's fired and we're all sent home
We'll hunt them down and smoke them out
And make them beg for the mercy we were never given
Yeah, they can take to their graves the blood of their sons
Who died for a cause we never believed in
They can pay their own way to heaven- explain to god why they made us bleed

Can they explain?
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