Lyrics to Meerkat Painter
Meerkat Painter Video:
Meerkat painter, paint a picture
That your brothers and your sisters will call home
Meerkat morning, let out a warning
That the birds of prey are preying here

There is safety in numbers
The days get cold we grow number, dumber
Still where there's a way a will will follow
Follow on the day when you will swallow your fear
And not disappear, you won't disappear
You will swallow your fear and not disappear

Meerkat poet, just keep going
You'll find that perfect stanza in your pen
Meerkat midnight, fight the good fight
There is no victory underground

Meerkat lover, don't take cover
The birds of prey will hover all day long
So meerkat singer, don't you meerkat linger
You must come out and sing your song

In our caves we lock like a safe
We lock step and keep a consistent pace
Trace emotion on each other's faces, face it
We're wasting away

Meerkat dancer, love's the answer
The rhythm will get faster over time
Meerkat painter, paint me a picture
So your brothers and your sisters
So your brothers and your sisters will live on
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