Lyrics to Medusa
Medusa Video:
Mother what have you done to me
You have seen me together with the god of the sea
Your mind is full of hate, I've touched your reign
There's no excuse to bring you such a pain

You cursed my soul, my mind is dead
Eyes like a weapon, snakes on my head
A priestless I was, the pride of Athena
Now I'm banned to live the life of a beast

I've been mistreated
I can bleed no tears
My only will is to kill

Medusa - frozen to death
Medusa - breathe one last breath
Medusa - your time has come
Medusa - your soul is gone

Now I'm imprisoned in this garden of hell
God of the sea, save me from this spell
Hear my scream, is there no other chance
Is this the end of a tragic romance

In the garden of death, heroes died
Carved in stone, no chance to hide
Enchanting loveliness fades away
For one mistake a high price to pay
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