Lyrics to Medicate Myself
Medicate Myself Video:
i hear you cryin' for me
but i see the anger in your eyes
i want what will not judge me
i need what keeps me warm inside
a man without a purpose
stares from the mirror on the wall
you think you know my problems -
i think that you don't
know me at all
i don't believe i suffer
disease as you proclaim
and i don't believe that i should kneel
and hang my head in shame
held prisoner by a monkey
strapped on behind my back
and while i sit ablaze
the light is slowly fading
into the black
so i...
i've got to medicate myself again
i've got to medicate myself again
i've got to medicate myself again
cuz you don't need me hanging â??round
one more drink and i will be drowned
i know you hate to see me
as i defeat myself this way
you know you can't control me
you know i'm slipping day by day
down into my obsession
down in the hole where i belong
and when the fight is over
you will stay right here
and i will be gone
so i...
(repeat chorus)
Songwriters: Dunning, A.J. / Corella, Doug / Brown, Donny / Vander Ark, Brian
Publisher: Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing
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