Lyrics to Meathook
Meathook Video:
I just hope you get this soon, and please leave me some room
To add some more to the commentary.
So look back at all the days, and the stupid games you played
When you could have just been ordinary.
But no! You fucked it all; you fucked it all up.
There's no going back (and who would want to?)
You fuck it all; you fuck it all up, so you might as well just go...
Back to that boy you've been kissing on the side
Yeah, the one who's been ruining my life
Now I don't care, if you want me, if you still love me
You can't have me-ah.
I just hope you get this soon, and cry up in your room
I don't give a fuck about your reasons.
So just forget about the past because nothing good can last.
And I don't want you coming over.
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