Lyrics to Mean Gene
M-M-Macho Man, Macho, Macho Man
Elizabeth has been, uh, a big part of your success
Certainly she is, uh, a very attractive addition to the World Wrestling Federation
You give her a lot of credit, do you?
I could take all the candy and pour it on your head right now
But I could take it right now, Maxo, and pour it on Elizabeth
Or, I can take these glasses and smash 'em against-
Don't mind him

Ayo, how you gon' walk with all that jewellery on, lord
Christian ceilings, Fear of God floors
Out on Fairfax, chandeliers in the Porsche (skr)
Type of camo BAPE with the face on the shorts
Alchemist hoodie with the cold 'Preme
Ready made duffle filled with cocaine
Craig Green fiends bagging yola
Apron Burberry mixed with Gosha
High top Dons with the straps
Motto's thousand percent, Uzi or the MAC (brr)
Black Powerphases, gracious
From midnight, sold a half a brick by the day shift
Balling, Pyrex after Nate Smith
Crawling, had the Bentley with the [?] (skr)
Make way for the scale breakers
I got the best runners, every mornings, I gave 'em wake ups
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