Lyrics to Mean Demeanor
Mean Demeanor Video:
Movie Suited up ready, moving
Running like a brand new Chevy, yeah
Gunning with the speed of a king, yeah
Going for the gold, no shit, yeah
Bring out the best of the best of the
Creme de la creme and put'em on the field, yeah
Watch your best get shit, yeah
Everybody * on the field, yeah
Field goal field goal field goal field goal
Everybody scoring on the field
Moving like a boss and takin' no loss
Train like a dog ain't no days off
If I was near deaf couldn't help myself
You couldn't hear with the help of a ref
I was told to defend this gold
Defend to the very last breath
(breath breath breath)

El-Producto now wild boy stuff spittin dust
Pain and rain we know angels dump
El-Tornado want all your chumps

It's that run and bump
That fee-fie-foe from
A tag team fuck a chump
This that vet spit
That villainous vicious
Venomous El-Tornado Kick

Don't doubt that we won't fucking down you dogs
No clout to spend here we won't pound you all
Go shout it to the gods R T J has arrived
To make their minions cry burn our image in their eyes
Better get a little bit of that zen in ya
Come along little *
How'd El-Produc' get bigger, better, meaner
Living like a sinner, mean demeanor
Eat a dick scream to a mean leader, back to the ether
Songwriters: Jaime Meline, Michael Render
Publisher: Lyrics © CYPMP, THIRD SIDE MUSIC INC.
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