Lyrics to Me Decide Fi Ansa
Me Decide Fi Ansa Video:
Gal tex mi mad seh why mi nah ansa
A joke dis, dah gal ya romp
Gal get mi mad seh, hey watch yuh nuh man

[Chorus 1:]
She call mi decide fi ansa
Yuh waa hear weh she seh wen mi ansa
Fone a ring mi decide fi ansa
Bunch a miss call bbut now mi ansa

[Verse 1:]
Mi ring
Who dis, Andrea
Andrea from which part, bosnia
Suh andrea weh call fah, mi waa dagga
Yuh know seh me'll mek yuh stamma and change you gramma
Hey weh yuh no mi from again, face book pon youtube
And weh yuh get mi numba from, hhahahaha
Anyways me'll fuck yuh hard rubbers buss mi get a new tube line up yuh self mi wuk it out and mek yuh womb move

[Chorus 2:]
Fone a ring mi decide fi ansa
Fone a ring mi decide fi ansa
She tex mi vex she call mi ansa
Yuh want hear a voice whenever mi ansa

[Verse 2:]
Eeh, mi no seh yuh well an si di miss call
But fi si yuh online a chat to Crystal
Suh wah, yuh no di amount a gal waa di signal
Call mi digicel yuh soon get di cocky install
Yuh si how yuh stay yah hide di cocky from mi
Tell I straight up busy yuh nuh waa mi
Call mi yuh soon get di hood mi no yuh horney
Fly in from bosnia meet me at trelawny

[CHorus 1]
[Chorus 2]

[Verse 3:]
Three weeks now since mi deh a jamaica
Call off yuh fone is like yuh nuh katta
Mi check round di turf an mi link desaca
Do only time mi si inna di fucking paper\
Babes si mi yah weh yuh seh, how yuh want it
Bend ova if a war mek wi start it
One foot pon di wall, knee pon di carpet
Pretty, pink, clean pussy a di target
Push up cocky through pussy reach yuh armpit
Skin out di pussy mi girl mi love it
Bomboclaat tight pussy mi affi have it
Any which part yuh deh mi ago want it
Suh wah yuh check seh is a quicky diss
Yuh check seh a ricky or cliffy weh ago licky
Weh yuh want pon di vicky list, mi gal tell mi di truth who fuck yuh di wickedest

See it deh a nuh dis want doh
See it deh a nuh dat yuh want
See it deh a nuh dis yuh want doh [x4]
Fucker yuh fly in from bosnia
Hahahah, dah cocky deh a romp

Sei deh a nuh dis yuh want [x2]
See it deh a nuh dem fuckry deh yuh love doh [x2]
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