Me Before Women & Children Lyrics

K Serà

Me Before Women & Children - EP

Lyrics to Me Before Women & Children
Me Before Women & Children Video:
I didn't call to say hello
I called to wish the worst of luck to everything you do...
(oh God can you blame me)
Cause you took another life to save your own
How does it feel to know that every breath you take
Belongs in someone else's lunges?
What a terrible way to live, but at least you can say that your alive

A little while won't you dear?
You got to rest those feet cause you got that long road back hell...
& I know because I've been there before, it's not the first
(and it won't be the last time)
You sell your soul to get ahead
What a terrible way to live, but at least you can say that you're alive

Bury your past with the hope that you'll get away
From everything that you've done, but it keeps
Following you, won't let you sleep till you open your mouth
Tell the world what you have done!

We came from different hospitals
Wrapped up like sons & daughters
We were too young to fall in love
Not that is really matters cause.....

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