Me And My Maxwell House Lyrics


Until The Party Ends

Lyrics to Me And My Maxwell House
Me And My Maxwell House Video:
I had too much coffee today
My mind's going blank, can't keep track of what's happening
This social shutdown, this nervous breakdown
Is calling me to take my eyes away
Can't look, nervous system's in decay
I'm fighting stress and sanity in every way
I know it's fucking killing me
I guess it's good to have a reason anyway

I had too much, too much today
Just can't take it anymore

I wish i could live like someone on tv
They never lie, never die, never question who they wanna be
Health pays when the moral issue bombs away
Who said we would never see our enemy
It's insane, i don't know why
For every single value, there's a different name
With all those things, can you tell me
What's wrong and what's ruling down here anyway
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