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Lyrics to Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, Too
Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, Too Video:
Dododoodoo... How come, you're not there, never call you How come, play me around, maybe a sound, yeah How come, pickin a fight, practise around you yeah I call, come here a while, yeaah ! You say round here, we're runnin' outta stage,Run you down, you're blowing in my face,You're soul is bad, you scared me and I'm loud and hiiiigh, yeah Doodoodoo... I call, there's noone on the phone,It's get to choose, choo-choo I'm you, you're me, I'm all he has desiredThere's a fan band playin', ooh you make me wild Yeah, you, for me, my only desire aaaah.... Dododoodoo... We go, we go, adoobeedobeedoobeevavoom Yes I am doing my new dance,The baboon, the baboon, the baboon yeah Hey ey, shit on it ! Jump on, it's you, you writing on the floor It's up, it's back, it's, it's out of the door It's here, it's there, baby it's anywhereAnd I'm hiiiigh, yeaah ! Doodoodoo... Oh yeah, whatever makes you happy,Whatever makes you mine Whatever makes you smiiiiiiile... Ohoh, you make me go wild,you make me go child,you make me go wild, wild, whoah, whoah, ... Everybody wants gonna beat on you, in a while We gonna try, we gonna try, we gonna try,Gonn' try gonn' try gonn' try, aw, ooh Dododoodoododdoo...

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