Lyrics to May Love Prevail
May Love Prevail Video:
Hey Twenty-Two,
I'm onto you.
And all the while refusing to
Believe that you're a party to their
Cold, cornered, grey aesthetic,
Cracked pavement, pale, pathetic.
In this crowd of battered lives,
I found eyes.

They think we're shy but we're twice as alive
Oh, they won't know

It's their panic that scowls straight through your face.
But ‘til they put their heart against the State,
They'll never know how to pump blood like us.

Now it's just rushing to my head
And now all your friends,
They're afraid of you
Their cheating world is watching

Close your eyes,
Hope that something survives.

Oh, I seen you shake,
Like you just can't take
Waiting for them to
Make up your mind

(Just give me…)
One for the worst times ahead,
One for the words left unsaid,
One for their world on its head…

They won't know.
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