Lyrics to Matters Of Depression
Matters Of Depression Video:
Why do we suffer in the hands of politics? Why can't we slaughter the bastards of our society? Once we kill them no more pain to the poor and the slain. Rip their flesh from their bones, put there bones up for sale. Why do we suffer these matters of depression? They control our lives, they decide who survives, fuck them all, I'm alive, fuck them all, fuck them all. Consuming, spending churches everywhere, a price on your soul that's how much you pay, internal bleeding like a worm with cancer, insane bleeding from the inside out and white collar bastard creating spending manipulating. Those are the ones who suck by the cock; those are the ones that will die by the cock. Die Pig Die, Die Pig Die. No more fear, pain or suffering driving fate, hell awaits, fuckin' leaders hear my pain put the bullet through their/my brain, why do we listen to the trail of lies, the path of misery. Why do they not listen to the echo from hell? AGGGGGHHHHHHH Fuck them all, fuck them all, Fuck them all, Fuck them all

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