Lyrics to Matter Of Minutes
Matter Of Minutes Video:
Completely out of his mind in a matter of minuets
Every foot step is by design As a matter of fact
Believe me if I could define the start from finish
I would recline relaxed in my lazy boy till the machines collapse
Mechanical mechanism movement Malice in each smile
Literal Canvas splashes conducive to balance on any scale
The vanity of your religions abuse is valid with every mile
Yet from justice you remain elusive as far as I can tell
If there were only another tobacco fix the chop sticks could pick up the pieces
Watch this broken heart dismantle to bits with an inhale
Lost in a translation twist Language is fragile as peace is
See we wish we could just flip a switch ditch normalcy and set sale.
Random acts of status quo becomes the daily mathematics
Madness starts to grow with every casualty of choice
Actions start to slow your pace declines as you be come an addict
Yearning for the hope of first discovering your voice
Simultaneous laughter and sadness Circulates as Mary go rounds
So long since there's been a miracle round these parts
Notice after the trailers foretell tragedy Pageantry not a sound
Dead end clock in cinemas real on the reel so bleed art
It's all paint brushes, kaleidoscopes and colored pencils
It's a lot easier to discover stencils then to remain an original
If you can find the hope to sniff that keeps you high because you mind is dope
The gift that you'll unfold is just the tip of what you're called to do
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