Matriphagy Lyrics

Venom Prison


Lyrics to Matriphagy
Invaded, acceptance of fertility
Like leeches digesting their way into the uterus
Through the human endometrium
Aligned like a fortress, a lethal barrier
The implantation, a fight for survival

The maternal cells in a fierce combat
Against the invading trophoderm
Genetic diversity means deadly rivalry
To sate the thirst for nutrients
The placental cells hunt for arteries
Annihilating everything in their path

Maternal generosity, sacrifice of love

The conceived is challenged
To prove the worthiness of life
By displaying a vigorous lust
Aggressive and invasive
The maternal despot, resilient and hostile

Maternal generosity, sacrifice of love

A hormonal cold war
Inside the womb
A battlefield
With dead on both sides
Selfish ego flourished
The mother feeds the brood upon herself
As it drinks, she weakens
Strengthening the young
Swarmed by the offspring
Injected with venom and devoured
Like prey
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