Lyrics to Math And Science
Math And Science Video:
math and science

math and science

go together like a great alliance

let me tell you brother

you cant have one without the other

math and science is the one alliance

the definition of compliance

the two giants of ya learning

according to turley its not absurd

but it is unheard if you say the word

hate associated with learning

she'll go crazy on you

a noon hour or two

if you don't believe its true

what she teaches to you

is the essence of life

that math and science is the only things thats right

gotta fight for yo life

or else feel the wrath of noon hour act

and maybe even a page front and back

cause if you say math and science is wack

prepare for the full blown attack

until you take it back

cause if you don't then you end up in paulies trunk wacked

in a body bag just because you had to be fag

and go ahead and say that math and science is gay

but with mrs turley that's the only way


the only mc with the wits

to come up with this shit

the hit that I spit

is the fossil that is, turley gets credit

for this song and as long as she living and strong

still here on this earth, not gone to the lawn

I reserve these words

don't deserve to be heard

cause that's not what I learned

what I learned is to not be absurd

this song isn't mine, I just had to combine

and entwine the lines that she said so I shine

even brighter as a song writer

I know that im whiter

not tryna be tight, just be polite

tell me this song is alright

even though it bites

im just tryin to ignite like a candle in the night

the song that turley recites

so that one day I might be able to write

songs like turley wrote

but I can't, so how does it go


B to the E to the double T Y

somebody please tell me why you had to die

actually im just kidding, that was a lie

kinda like your age, that never seems to rise

if your thirty nine, what the hell am i?

negative 63? how can that be?

cause if you take 95 divide it by 19

then subtract 53 and add 17

then subtract 26, what do you get?

was that too fast for you? should I repeat it?

don't even try to cheat it

this is a 5 minute check

use a calculator and I will break your neck

?I don't get this assignment, what the heck?

If you didn't have turley, then you are wrecked

might as well be sitting home watching star trek

you falling behind you didn't have this rhyme


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