Masturbating At The Slab Lyrics


Butcher The Weak

Lyrics to Masturbating At The Slab
Masturbating At The Slab Video:
From the grave to the morgue, the voices are still calling me
I stalk the dead of night for young females to bleed on me
Decimating, mutilating, masturbating while I kill
At the slabs dead whores rot to fill with my insane infection

Scream for me, cry for me, bleed for me, die for me

Rotten fluids fill the morgue with a vile stench of putrid death
A profane sickness heaves from deep within my rancid breath
Cum pumps to my erection as I stare at the dead
Erected on these filthy slabs, I'll fuck these bitches back to hell

Now I jerk off on the heads of these inanimate stiffs
My cock explodes but I'm not done dominating their orifices

Time to eat their cunts

Blistering sores erupt on my tongue
The taste of the vaginal slime disgusts
Acridity's gnawing away at my brain
But still I am deeply engrossed in this shit
I chomp my way through the worm eaten cunts
I can't force myself to stop
A vile spew of filth explodes in my mouth
With this liquid I'll choke the festering meat down

I smell blood

Carving up corpses for my sick desires in this lair of slabs
Total loss of all control my thirst for gore will never end
Weak motherfuckers can't stop me
The killings will continue
Continuing my vulgar life of sickening depravity

Come with me to feel pain
Blood will pour
Beneath the shroud of death
I'm a killer
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