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Lyrics to Masterpiece Theatre Iii
Masterpiece Theatre Iii Video:
I've got a new disease in me, I've got a friend that's losing sleep,
I take it hard, it's hard to take, I'm wide awake.
I'm wide awake.
One more confession, discretion's not what I need to sell,
I never needed a reason for keeping secrets from myself
and now that's just how I tell I'm wide awake.
I'll wreck this if I have to, tell me, what good would that do?
I'll wreck this if I have to.

You get separated, somebody's gone,
and I don't know how, this is wrong.
I'm so frustrated, falling behind, you were a friend of mine.
I'd be so good to you, because they don't know you like I do.
They don't know you like I do. (x3)

There's a difference from me to them,
and the road home is paved in star fuckers requiem,
I can never go, go back home again, Acadia is gone.
Acadia is gone.

All my indecision, all of my excess, don't you ever tell me I'm not loving you best,
I just need a minute, I just need a breath,
it gets very hard to drink to my continued success.
Slow down, slow, it's better in the worst way,
it's getting better in the worst way.

Look around 'round, look around 'round, look around. (x4)
So here's another day, I'll spend away from you,
another night I'm on another broken avenue,
trading in who I've been for shiny celebrity skin.
I like to push it and push it until my luck is over.
I wonder what you're doing, I wonder if you doubt it.
I wonder how we used to ever go so long without it.
All the work to impress, charming girls out of their dresses and smiling pretty.
I am right beside you, what you want what you need, I'll make this perfect again.
I thought you wanted me.
If I burn out and slip away.
I thought you wanted me.
You're beautiful, you are.

I've been here so very long and I could slip into you,
it's so easy to come back into you, I'll hide it,
could I hide in you awhile?
I'm not sick of you yet, is that as good as it gets?
I never took you for a trip but sometimes I don't know what you want,
I could take it if you need to take this out on someone.
If this is just a part I portray, I don't know how it got this way.

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