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Masterpiece Theatre

Lyrics to Masterpiece Theatre I
Masterpiece Theatre I Video:
First it comes on quiet creeping slow. Clever words and phrases stain. I remain so lost and buried under everything that i need. when all i want is you.

I've been here so very long and every word is calculated never questioned or debated

All these practised poses I could wreck it if i had to but i'm the wreck so what would that do,
My masterpiece will fall apart; it was over before the start

If i burn out and slip away. If this is just a portray. You're beautiful can I hide in you awhile.

They keep mostly to themselves; don't make a sound in case they hear you. It only hurts me to be near you. Keep those tired eyes closed careful follow my instruction and i will show you self-destruction. This Masterpiece is only mine, entirely guilty by design

I just can't let it

if this is just a part I portray, I don't know how it got this way

(Thanks to Mike for these lyrics)
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