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[Gun Cock]

Marrietta Hoe


[Chorus x8:] Marrietta Hoe



[Verse 1: Gator]
Marrietta, that's where I live hoe
We bussin' heads and splittin' you niggas wigs hoe, (Yeah!)
And we don't care if you married wit little kids hor, (Naw!)
We still cuttin' you up from limb to limb hoe,
So if you feel me, the throw ya M's up, (Yeah!)
And if that nigga is hatin' then buss his lip up, (Yeah!)
Because Marrietta's where it's better, (Yeah!)
We'll put bullets through yo sweater, (Yeah!)
You can stay a hater cause you'll neva eva get on our level

[Chorus x8:] Marrietta Hoe

[Verse 2: Kenny Kold]
( Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
It's Marrietta where the carry berrettas and don't really care bout what you say,
Niggas be talking a lot but they won't say that much if they come to Marrietta today,
You can hate on the North,
And say what cha want,
And claim where ya from,
But it's bout where you stay,
When you slip at the lp,
Get hit wit the clip,
If you still wanna live then you best say away,
>From Fanklin, to Allgood, Delk Rd to da Booth,
Niggas packin' when they trappin' so stay low when comin' through,
Kenny Kold is my name,
Niggas know I don't play,
I was born in the "A",
But Marrietta's where I saty

[Chorus x8:] Marrietta Hoe

[Verse 3: BrickZ]
(Hold up) You ain't from Marrietta why you claimin' trick,
Keep claimin' trick,
Pretty soon it's gone be rainin' clips,
You talkin' and walkin' but niggas like me don't slip on they game,
You stealin' and killin' but I'm steady healin' yall niggas got heat but we got aim,
(Dang Mane) There da M-town boys again mane,
(They ain't lame) You talk Shhhh we rearrange ya frame mane,
(I'm sayin' mane) In M-Town it gets really dirty,
Specially in Roosevelt Circle around 11:30,
You ain't heard me boy they grimy wit them glocks in they pants,
You ain't heard me mane they grimy wit dem rocks in they hands,
They make a nigga dance when them bullets hit the ground,
Throw up ya "M's" shawty if you represent the town

[Chant: Mr. J and Southan Bred]
They say we ain't hard, (Hard!)
They say we ain't crunk, (Crunk!)
My nigga come to my hood and you gone get stomped, (Stomped!)
I got them thangs, (I got them thangs!)
I'll buss yo brain, (I buss yo brain!)
I'm aliving legend,
Yall some livin' lames

[Chorus x8:] Marrietta Hoe

[Southan Bred: Speaks]
Yea!!!This that nigga Southan Bred right, yall know about the East (of Atlanta) and yall konow about the West, Well now yall know about the North. Yall know what time it is... Southan Bred and C-Side crankin' it in this bitch nigga...
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