Marlaina Kamikaze Lyrics

The Zolas

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Lyrics to Marlaina Kamikaze
Marlaina Kamikaze Video:
Oh, Marlaina, you are something special
Please believe me when I tell you so
I'm a lion when we are one but without you
I'm a kamikaze, I'm high strung
I'm hanging up inside the hot sun
But think about you and I'm undone
Oh, Marlaina, kamikaze life is not fun, no, it's not fun

You're like a ghost to me
On every corner
You're like a ghost to me
On every man's arm
I know you're somewhere in the city
You're like a ghost to me

Ran into your friends as they went to meet you
I was a landmine they had tripped across
I could see it in their eyes
They could tell that I'm a kamikaze

I'm breaking into sweats just trying to forget
All of those young men there to comfort you
They work on film sets and message you online
And I know I know I know I gotta get this off of my mind
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