Lyrics to Mark My Words
Mark My Words Video:
With the new millennium we're told the final day will come
But much as yet is still unclear
As to what sort of death to fear
But I must agree, I've seen the signs
The ignorance, moral decline, the spiritual decadence
I cannot help but feel we have no chance

Do not think there is no hope to change the course we've set
Our fate has not been sealed as yet
But time is short, we must decide
Do we want to live or shall we die?
Destroy the land and burn the air
As mother earth weeps in despair
I'm of the mind that we must pay
For these crimes committed every day

Mark my words and realize
With each hour the planet dies
The time has come we cannot wait
It's possible that tomorrow may be too late

We see the future by looking to the past
But the present's changing much too fats
And every day may be our last...

Mark my words
And open up your eyes
Look to the fading skies
There lies our greatest threat
And it must one day soon be met

Mark my words
The time is drawing near
When we are forced to hear
The cries of our despair
For too few chose to care
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