Lyrics to Marionettes
Marionettes Video:
Sometimes an empire doesn't fall
As masked invaders climb the walls
Or spreading fires or rising floods
Sometimes it dies within
The king and queen, they go to bed
On years of quiet neglect
To find the coffers bare but with
The musk of arrogance

With me, you're making the same mistakes I made with you
I couldn't convey I felt the same

It's true, we're marionettes
But we pull the strings
And here as we dance, we tangle
I'm spinning you round and closer we're wound
We're marionettes

There's comfort in a holding hand
A schedule on which you depend
A cage in which you're snugly penned
That's what we have become
A cyclone in a glass of wine
We both have wishbones for a spine.
But how long will we play this record's tattered side
Afraid to change the song?
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