Mariama (The Turtle Dove) Lyrics

Youssou N'Dour

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Lyrics to Mariama (The Turtle Dove)
Mariama (The Turtle Dove) Video:
Ah little pigeon
Thank you Mariama Diallo, Diallo Dieri
Nimma Mariama
Mariama, namesake of Mariama the golden pigeon
Mariama Sola
Mariama the perfect mother
Mariama the ideal woman
Mariama a true sister
Turtle Dove, Mariama Diallo Dieri
Mariama, a real beauty
Mariama's neck is long and graceful
Mariama's countenance is beautiful
Mariama smile a little
And I will reward you
Look! you are the moon among the stars
Look! you are a light in the darkness
My turtle dove
You stand out from the other women
Like a white crested heron among birds
Ah my turtle dove
Thank you, Diallo Dieri
She doesn't tease
She bears no ill will
Nor even hints at it
Diallo the Peul
Yes Mariama Diallo Dieri Nimma
Dark as ebony
Daughter of God
Diallo Dieri
Mariama looks after her family so well
Mariama cares for all her husband's needs
Oh Mariama
It's time now to see to your neighbors
For you are well known for that
Diallo Dieri
Mariama the perfect mother
Mariama the ideal woman
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