Lyrics to Mariah
Mariah Video:
Oh, Miss Mariah, won't you please come take a stroll with me.
I'll buy you that sundress and we'll go sit by the pond
and watch the honeysuckles blow by the stream
and we can sit and talk of the days we never had.

Oh, Miss Mariah, didn't you hear what the townsmen have been saying?
You don't have a mind anymore.
Good Jesus sent you eyes but
I don't believe you made it out of Kentucky.

Mariah, Mariah.
Won't you trace me the shapes of the stars?
Mariah, Mariah?
Does your brain know exactly where you are?

My daydream laps up luminosity from Jupiter,
it stays from the asteroids where you ate your knowledge
And I wish I could build you the world,
and I'd train you every second to be a real soul.

And you're searching, searching for the sanity,
I'd like to think we're all insane.
And Mariah, Mariah
beside your heart is resting the leaves from last year.

And I, perhaps, would follow you.
We were the optimists
and steady birds and steady bees,
they helped us to Heaven and back.
To Heaven and back because you had it unfairly.
Mariah, you had it all wrong.
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