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Lyrics to Margin For Terror
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Listen can you hear the sound of war
Majestic triumphant
The wolf is at your door

Cementing our place
Intent on repenting the time that we waste

Your one fatal error
Ignoring the corpse to be seen
This margin for terror
Farewell to a new dying breed

Imparting a bloody red sea
In league in three in trinity
The wolf has taken his sheep

Relentless in violent extreme
A vulture surveying the truth from the dream

Exploding from pressure
The throne has been seized
This margiņ for terror
Exalt to a new deadly breed
In league in three in trinity

In time divide us
Division plants the seed
A long awaited hellish mutiny

Familia satanas
Familia satanas

The earth lie over me
The echoes of the stench preceeding me
In darkness hallow be
In requiem we sing
For when the hammer falls
The tide will swing
For all meternity..........
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