Lyrics to Margaret's Injection
Margaret's Injection Video:
Love is our large concern
But that's become difficult to share.
She cannot open her eyes
They've been glued by greed.

I'm not in the habit of hurting a person
Never relished violence
But Margaret it's time for your injection.

Should I fetch a priest and gun?
Her trip is now beginning
She dies unloved.

She'll never be forgotten she made sure of that
Selling back to people what they'd already got.

I wish I missed you more not never a wound to heal.
I wish I'd hurt you more pain is your just reward.
I wish I'd killed you more pain is your just reward.

Time is now mine to kill.
Her corpse is now threatening to smell.
I watch her blood congeal just skin and bones.

She'll never be forgotten we'll paint on her grave
And take from her kind any love that they'd made.
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