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Lyrics to March To Glory
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Cold day, a long away
You wake and say a morning prayer
Gods above, oh grant me your love
I'm lost, the gates are so far

Pray that the pain will be taken away
It's not the first time that you bowed your head
You're like the blind, cos' you see with your mind
You feel redemption is on the way

Then you shall see
You're still free
Scream to your enemies
Believe in your path
Climb up to the hill
See the sun

And hear the voice from your heart
See your place 'mong the stars
And the river that you cried
When she passed you by
Take one step through the gates
See your life rewinding to the start
As you begin your march

Be the best when you're cornered
By the foes who mock you endlessly
They'll meet their destiny with pitchforks up their
Not a nice penetration
When you fell the stage sensation
In the fiery, steaming pits of Hell
Those pikes are cold


Deep in the minds
Of the gods and the blind
An eternal flame
Will be lighted in your name
So farewell for this journey
Consumes your life and your soul
I'll see you then on the far side
When the march is done

And your soul's released
As you're watching the feast
Where angels of light
Are dancing with the beast
It's a wind, weird scene
Yes, It's hard to believe
But the good and bad
Are the same at last

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