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March Into Jerusalem (D.M. Brown)

We'll march into Jerusalem, Jesus, John and me

Well we packed up the cases and we loaded the van

Just like fugitives running from a one night stand

There's no heroes left to put in the fight

So we're running on empty through the middle of the night.

I hear the roar of the engine, and the grinding of the gears

But it's the thunder of the wrecking ball that's ringing in my ears I can't see through the fog, I can't see through the lies

But I've been staring at the headlights like I'm looking in your eyes.

And they say it'll get easier to take

And that a heart needs time to break

I'm still behind the wrecking ball

But I know one day we'll meet

On the shores of the Galilee

And we'll march into Jerusalem, Jesus, John and me

I see the wrecking ball fly as the walls are coming down

I still hear the trumpet sounding as they tumble to the ground

I spent my whole life sleeping at Gethsemane

And now I hear somebody crying God I wish it was me


There could be blood on the roadside or blood in my hands

I've been counting all the criminals nobody's gonna hang

The Manitoba border's just an hour away

And I'm still behind the wrecking ball that's where I'm gonna stay

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